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Raven (Free)

Raven is a Twitter client app with such a concept. Raven is as easy to use as Twitter.com, with more unique features. This will allow you to have a more convenient Twitter life. -Watch while working! Timeline automatic update The timeline is automatically updated while operating other windows. Operate Raven to cancel the automatic update. -Jump to the information you always check! Jump list The jump list on the left side of the screen automatically lists the information you see (users, searches, hashtags, lists, topics) in the order you see them most often. -Tweet faster! Split posting screen The posting screen can be opened separately from the main screen. In addition, you can copy frequently used hashtags and reply destinations with a single touch. -Don't miss important tweets! Multi-column It supports multiple columns and can display up to 6 timelines. The display contents of each column are selected in order from the top of the jump list. -What was that person saying at that time? Time machine function If you select a date and time from the calendar, you can go back in time to that time. -Fly around on the timeline! Scroll assist Equipped with a scroll assist button at the bottom left of the screen. You can scroll to the top or bottom of the timeline with a single touch. -Immediately check if you are interested! Select text search When you select the text of the tweet, the search UI will be displayed on the right side of the screen. You can look up the selected text on each site. -Meet deeper requests! Twitter extension Once you authenticate your app, you'll be able to use Raven's unique extensions such as bulk notifications, automatic likes, automatic followbacks, and non-mutual follow searches. -Goodbye to advertising! Ad blocking function You can eliminate promotional tweets on the timeline. We will continue to develop apps to improve Windows, so please support us.

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